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Imagine transforming setbacks into opportunities for personal growth so you can live a fulfilling life.


Adversity makes you bitter or better. It's your choice.


Choose better and schedule a call with me today so we can discuss options to help you move forward toward your goals.


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Ways We Can Work Together

1-Hour Rapid Strategy Session


With just one hour of focused coaching, you can start your transformative journey that will empower you both personally and professionally.
  • we'll dissect your most significant challenge and pave the way for decisive action
  • we'll pinpoint the next three pivotal steps that will propel you towards your goal, and away from stagnation
  • you'll receive¬†additional resources that we discuss, tailoring your toolbox for ongoing success
Your one-hour session includes a video replay and transcript of our conversation, ensuring you have an enduring guide to refer back to.
$147 Introductory Price ($497 Value)

6-Week "Move Beyond Adversity" 1:1 Coaching Program


In this weekly one-on-one coaching program, you'll learn personalized coping strategies and resilience skills tailored to your needs so you can apply the 3-Step Resilience Framework to any challenge.
You will:
  • receive a personalized character strength assessment to strengthen your resilience
  • learn the 5-Step iCOPE Problem-Solving Method to creatively and confidently overcome any challenge
  • discover the secret of turning any obstacle into an opportunity for growth and flourishing¬†in life
$1,497 Introductory Price, payment plan available ($4,997 Value)
Schedule a 30-min application call to discuss whether this 6-week personalized coaching program best serves your needs.

Monthly Membership Community

Each monthly topic includes a live coaching call, a live Q&A session, action steps to help you implement the lesson, and an opportunity to engage with like-minded members in our community. 
Coming Soon!
From Laura:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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Client Testimonials


You gave me a framework to cope with any problem going forward. I find myself using the framework for issues large and small, and I feel like it is ALL within my control. Knowing I can meet any obstacle head on, allows me to feel strong and confident...which just amplifies my positivity and helps me move forward with enthusiasm.

-Diane Spadola


This really is a new life. I haven't felt this good in a long, long time. I was depressed after my divorce and felt like a slug. Now I see what I have accomplished and I feel good about me! Thank you for helping me change my life!

-Suzanne Kinsey

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