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Imagine transforming setbacks into opportunities for personal growth so you can live a fulfilling life.


Adversity makes you bitter or better. It's your choice.


Choose better and schedule a 15-min call with me so we can discuss options to help you move forward toward your goals.


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Ways We Can Work Together

At Your Own Pace


My book "Flourishing After Adversity: A 3-Step Action Plan to Transform Pain into Purpose and Embrace Joy Again," teaches you the same coping strategies and resilience skills I learned to overcome my hardships but without the trial and error period.
You'll learn:
  • Tools to harness a growth mindset, diffusing self-limiting beliefs
  • Courage to¬†venture beyond your comfort zone, embracing change
  • Strategies to¬†boost resilience, transforming obstacles into opportunities
  • Insights to shift your viewpoint, illuminating your path to renewed purpose
  • Inspiration to create a ripple effect, leaving a legacy of resilience
Only pay $4.99 shipping and handling, U.S. orders only. (The Companion Workbook will be available early July 2024, sold separately.)

1-Hour Rapid Strategy Session with Laura


With just one hour of focused coaching, you can start your transformative journey that will empower you both personally and professionally.
  • we'll dissect your most significant challenge and pave the way for decisive action
  • we'll pinpoint the next three pivotal steps that will propel you towards your goal, and away from stagnation
  • you'll receive¬†additional resources that we discuss, tailoring your toolbox for ongoing success
Your one-hour session includes a video replay and transcript of our conversation, ensuring you have an enduring guide to refer back to.
$147 Introductory Price ($497 Value)

4-Week "Move Beyond Adversity" Coaching Program with Laura


In this customized weekly coaching program, you'll learn personalized coping strategies and resilience skills tailored to your needs so you can apply the 3-Step Resilience Framework to any challenge.
You will:
  • receive a personalized character strength assessment to strengthen your resilience
  • learn the 5-Step iCOPE Problem-Solving Method to creatively and confidently overcome any challenge
  • discover the secret of turning any obstacle into an opportunity for growth and flourishing¬†in life
$997 Introductory Price ($2,997 Value)
Schedule a 30-min application call to discuss whether this 4-week personalized coaching program best serves your needs.
From Laura:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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Client Testimonials


You gave me a framework to cope with any problem going forward. I find myself using the framework for issues large and small, and I feel like it is ALL within my control. Knowing I can meet any obstacle head on, allows me to feel strong and confident...which just amplifies my positivity and helps me move forward with enthusiasm.

-Diane Spadola


This really is a new life. I haven't felt this good in a long, long time. I was depressed after my divorce and felt like a slug. Now I see what I have accomplished and I feel good about me! Thank you for helping me change my life!

-Suzanne Kinsey

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