Hello, I'm Laura Mangum Broome!

Laura Mangum Broome

I understand what adversity feels like.


During COVID in 2020, personal hardship added more stress to an already devastating global pandemic. One month after surviving a successful heart transplant, I endured an unexpected divorce after 27 years of marriage. I felt betrayed, devastated, and broken.

A few years before that, I ran my husband’s business while overcoming breast cancer and losing our oldest son to suicide. 

I’ve always been inspired by real-life stories about ordinary people who overcame extraordinary hardship through perseverance and hope.

I reflected on those uplifting stories of resilience. After accepting my divorced status, I took baby steps to regain control of my life. By developing an action plan to overcome my fears of starting life over at age 58, I experienced positive growth and felt joy again.

I am a victor! My passion is to help others move beyond adversity and transform pain into purpose so they can flourish.

You don't have to figure it out on your own.

I can be your guide. 

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You Have Choices

Adversity leaves you better or bitter. 

Difficult circumstances matter, but what's most important is your mindset.

A victor has a growth mindset that says "I will find a way to get through this."

A victim has a fixed mindset that says "There's nothing I can do."

Which mindset do you choose?

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Community Volunteer Experience:


Since 2019, I've had the honor of being a Mentor with THRU Project.

THRU Project of San Antonio, Texas helps foster youth overcome the challenges of growing up in the foster care system by providing guidance, support and advocacy in order to prepare them for adult life after foster care.

In addition to mentoring, I participated in their Life Skills Program teaching foster youth how to develop a growth mindset to creatively solve problems and thrive in life.

iCope2Hope is a proud sponsor of 2022 Light the Way: THRU to Success, a Fashion Show Benefitting THRU Project, 2023 Spring Into Action: Planting Seeds of Hope, and 2024 Spring Into Action: Cultivate Resilience.


Advocate Against High-Potency Marijuana

As a Mother who lost her teenage son to marijuana use and suicide, my passion is to encourage and support organizations who educate families, and the community, on the dangers of high-potency marijuana use. 

Science-based evidence shows it leads to cannabis-use disorder (CUD), cannabis-induced psychosis (CIP), cannabinoid hypermesis syndrome (CHD), and increased risk of suicide. To learn more, click here.

Our children are too precious to lose.

Constructive Grieving Leads to Growth

After A Loved One's Death 

Most people are familiar with the five stages of grief developed by Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in the late 60s: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. 

Everyone experiences grief in different ways and in different timeframes. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. The five stages of grief are not a step-by-step process but is a tool to help us identify the emotions going on in our heart and our head.

No matter how intense our grief is, it is temporary. There is life after grief if we acknowledge our emotions and work through them instead of trying to stop them. This process is called constructive grieving.

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Volunteer & Advocate

The Every Brain Matters community educates about the dangers of marijuana and the drug culture expansion. We provide support for families, and advocacy based on science and lived experiences. We work together to create a cultural movement by encouraging the use of the EBM logo to communicate that we strive for healthy brains and environments publicly.


Parent Action Network (PAN) is creating family leaders by empowering those having experiences with a loved ones marijuana use to advocate for healthy drug policies. We have learned that today’s marijuana is not what most parents think it is. We are a diverse group of parents and family members with one goal in common–to make sure our lived experiences don’t happen to others. 

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