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 The iCope2Hope 3-Step Resilience Framework

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Think Outside-the-Box and Uncover Opportunities to

Live a No-Regrets Life

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Book Endorsements:

Jonathan Milligan

Jonathan Milligan

Author of Your Message Matters

"In 'Flourishing After Adversity', Laura defines living proof of resilience. This book is a beacon of hope for anyone facing adversity and is a testament of human determination and love."

Marisa Shadrick

Online Marketing Consultant & Certified Copywriter

"Laura's 'Flourishing After Adversity' is more than a book; it's a lifeline. It courageously navigates the rough waters of life's unexpected challenges with clarity and compassion."

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Laura Mangum Broome

Meet Your Guide

Laura Mangum Broome embodies resilience and transformation. Her journey, marked by breast cancer, the heartbreaking loss of her oldest son, her life-saving heart transplant, and a sudden divorce after 27 years of marriage, showcases the human ability to triumph over adversity. She created the iCope2Hope 3-Step Resilience Framework to help others achieve positive growth by embracing change, finding new purpose, and rediscovering joy. 

In her spare time, Laura is a volunteer mentor with youth who have experience with foster care. She lives a life with no regrets in South Texas with her family.

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