You Can Move Beyond Adversity and Flourish in Life!

Hope is more than wishful thinking. Hope is action oriented.

Hope is becoming a victor and not a victim.

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Find True Transformation:

"You gave me a framework to cope with any problem going forward.  I find myself using the framework for issues large and small, and I feel like it is ALL within my control. Knowing I can meet any obstacle head on, allows me to feel strong and confident…which just amplifies my positivity and helps me move forward with enthusiasm."
Diane Spadola
Laura Mangum Broome

Welcome, I'm Laura Mangum Broome!

I've always been inspired by real-life stories about ordinary people overcoming extraordinary hardship through perseverance and hope.

During the COVID lockdowns in 2020, I found myself in extraordinary circumstances. At age 58, I had to start life over.

I turned to those inspiring stories of resilience, and developed my own process to overcome my fear of change. It didn't happen overnight. I persevered and had hope. My life got better and I felt joy again.

I became a victor and now my passion is to help others transform pain into purpose so they can flourish in life.

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