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Your Roadmap to Transform Pain into Purpose and Embrace Joy Again

I developed the iCope2Hope 3-Step Resilience Framework after overcoming four life-changing events in a five-year period: bi-lateral breast cancer, the loss of my adoptive son to suicide, a heart transplant during a global pandemic, and one month later, an unexpected divorce after 27 years of marriage.


My book teaches you the same coping strategies and resilience skills I learned but without the trial and error period. You'll learn:

  • Tools to harness a growth mindset, diffusing self-limiting beliefs
  • Courage to venture beyond your comfort zone, embracing change
  • Strategies to boost resilience, transforming obstacles into opportunities
  • Insights to shift your viewpoint, illuminating your path to renewed purpose
  • Inspiration to create a ripple effect, leaving a legacy of resilience


It’s more than survival; it's about flourishing with newfound strength and conviction.

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Who this book is for:

  • need more hope in your life
  • fear change
  • enduring a major loss
  • held back by obstacles
  • in between jobs
  • unexpected health diagnosis
  • moving to a new location
  • foster and adoptive parents
  • blended families
  • experiencing a divorce
  • difficult boss or co-workers
  • feeling sick and tired of being stuck
  • want to regain control of your life

So, If You're Struggling With Moving Beyond Adversity....

This Book Is For You!

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Jonathan Milligan

Jonathan Milligan

Author of Your Message Matters

"In 'Flourishing After Adversity', Laura Mangum Broome defines living proof of resilience. Her candid account and transformative journey truly inspires, laying out a practical road map to bouncing back stronger after life's hardest punches. She teaches readers how to go from surviving to thriving, using her faith, humor, and adaptive spirit as a guide.  This book is a beacon of hope for anyone facing adversity and is a testament of human determination and love."

Marisa Shadrick

Marisa Shadrick

Online Marketing Consultant & Certified Copywriter

"Laura's 'Flourishing After Adversity' is more than a book; it's a lifeline. It courageously navigates the rough waters of life's unexpected challenges with clarity and compassion. As an embodiment of these qualities, Laura offers practical suggestions that empower readers to tap into their resilience. Her life journey and the inspiring case studies illuminate the immense strength and potential of the human spirit. 'Flourishing After Adversity' provides the perspective necessary to change what's in our control, enabling us to move beyond adversity and thrive."

YES, I want a FREE book NOW! Pay only $4.99 S&H (U.S. Orders Only)
Flourishing After Adversity Book by Laura Mangum Broome

What Readers are Saying:

Here are a Few Secrets You'll Discover in the Book (FREE)



Step 1: Develop a Growth Mindset to Conquer Change


Secret #1 We will all experience hardship in our lives, but we have the choice to let adversity make us bitter or better. Recognize the signs and thought patterns to help you decide if you are avoiding accepting your situation. (pg 8)

Secret #2 Identify the five general types of positive growth that results from adversity. (pg 10)

Secret #3 When you understand and expect the emotions associated with disruptive change, it becomes easier to cope with challenges. Learn about the four stages of unexpected change as well as the five stages of planned change. (pg 16)

Secret #4 Discover the secret to conquering change. (pg 18)

Secret #5 Change is especially hard to deal with when there are so many unknown variables. Realize three things that are always in your control. (pg 22)


Step 2: Discover Your Superpowers to Overcome Challenges


✅ Secret #6 Things happen for a reason. No matter how chaotic it may seem, if you persevere, you will find a better opportunity around the corner. Discover eight principles that affect your resiliency. (pg 43)

Secret #7 Resilient people are victors and survivors. Master ten tips to develop a survivor personality. (pg 47)

Secret #8 Learn how to discover your hidden superpowers to overcome challenges. (pg 53)

Secret #9 Effective problem solving develops self-confidence and strengthens resiliency, which also leads to better health. (pg 66)

Secret #10 Understand how to implement the iCOPE 5-Step Problem Solving Method to overcome any challenge. (pg 68)


Step 3: Think Outside the Box to Uncover Opportunities


Secret #11 There is a right amount of healthy stress to take that first baby step outside of your comfort zone. (pg 81)

✅ Secret #12 Ask yourself two questions to feel your fear and do it anyway. (pg 83)

Secret #13 Finding unusual ideas and solutions that work results from creative thinking. (pg 89)

Secret #14 Survivors have the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. Adversity can take your life in a different and better direction than you could have imagined. (pg 94)

Secret #15 Understand the two types of happiness and which one better serves you. (pg 102)


Bonus: Live a Life Without Regrets


Secret #16 When you choose to leave your comfort zone, difficulties will happen and try to derail you. Change your perspective and get excited about new adventures you are about to encounter. (pg 112)

Secret #17 Discover your Goldilocks Zone of excitement, somewhere between living inside your comfort zone and your panic zone. (pg 113)

Secret #18 Learn the most common regrets in life and start creating your bucket list now. (pg 120)

Secret #19 Master the five elements of the PERMA model improve your chances of flourishing in life. (pg 125)

Secret #20 Leave a legacy of resilience to the next generation and raise children and grandchildren who are capable of handling the bumps and bruises that the world disperses. (pg 129)

YES, I want a FREE book NOW! Pay only $4.99 S&H (U.S. Orders Only)

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🦋 Reason 1: I'm on a mission to help 10,000 people flourish after adversity by 2025. Honestly, I need more people like YOU who want to learn how to embrace change and thrive in life.

🦋 Reason 2: This is my way of saying thank you  for being a valued subscriber and a customer.

🦋 Reason 3: I aim to OUT-TEACH the competition.  One of my company's core values is to "out-teach the competition." I dislike books by so-called gurus who "tease content" in their books. That's why this book gives you the complete roadmap to transform pain into purpose and flourish in life.

YES, I want a FREE book NOW! Pay only $4.99 S&H (U.S. Orders Only)

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