Adversity makes you bitter or better.

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3 Life-Changing Hacks to Disrupt Thinking Traps and Reduce Stress

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  • learn what to focus on to make better decisions
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  •  regain confidence and self-worth

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Laura Mangum Broome

Hello, I'm Laura Mangum Broome!

During COVID in 2020, personal hardship added more stress to an already devastating global pandemic. One month after surviving a successful heart transplant, I faced an unexpected divorce after 27 years of marriage.

Before that, I ran my husband’s business while overcoming breast cancer, my son’s suicide, and heart complications triggered by chemo treatments. I felt betrayed, devastated, and broken.

I’ve always been amazed by real-life stories about ordinary people who overcame extraordinary hardship through perseverance and hope.

I reflected on those inspiring stories of resilience and began to take baby steps to gain control of my life. I developed a process to overcome many fears as I started over at age 58. As a result of this growth, I felt joy again.

My passion is to help others move beyond adversity and transform pain into purpose so they can flourish.