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iCope2Hope LLC BBB Business Review

Ann B.

"Laura was great to work with. She showed me how to use my talents, skills, and interests in new ways I never thought of. Now I feel I have many opportunities to get unstuck with my life!"

Laura Mangum Broome
Resilience Coach, Author, Entrepreneur

Adversity can leave you bitter or better after the grieving process. Laura chose better and discovered positive growth after her 5-year season of adversities: breast cancer, child loss, a heart transplant and an unexpected divorce after 27 years of marriage. Laura teaches the resilience skills she used in her iCope2Hope Resilience Framework. So you, too, can transform hardship to hope and uncover new opportunities to flourish! Laura lives in San Antonio, Texas with her identical twin sister and giggle buddy. They are also known to family and friends as The Giggle Twins.